• coordinates the activities of companies with state participation in the implementation of priority projects of the Perm Krai;
  • provides consulting and financial support to key regional projects in cooperation with commercial structures and federal institutions;
  • carries out all types of investments;
  • provides services in the field of financial intermediation;
  • advises market participants on commercial activities, business management, and fundraising.

The CEO is Alexey Burakov.

Residential complex "Lyubimov" in Berezniki

The construction of 29 houses in Berezniki for locals relocated from the zone of a man-made accident. 16 houses were commissioned, 7.5 thousand people moved to new housing. The construction of 13 more houses is being in process

Renovation of the administrative building Okulova 4

The object of unfinished construction at 4 Okulova St. in Perm with an area of 10.6 thousand sq. m. was transferred to the authorized capital of KRPK in October 2018. The reconstruction of the administrative building is being carried out taking into account its maximum economic efficiency. 

Residential district in Novye Lyady in Perm for the needs of GC "Roscosmos".

The new district will be located near the streets Traktovaya, 40 let Pobedy, Mira and Molodezhnaya in Novye Lyady village, Perm. It is planned to build 3, 6 and 8-storey buildings with a total area of 50,000 sq.m. for 1000 apartments. The start of construction is July 2022. 

Renovation of the territory of Shpagin plant.

Adaptation of the cultural heritage object "Building of industrial railway workshops" on the territory of Shpagin plant in Perm for modern use as a museum and cultural complex.

Convention and Exhibition Center

The development of the site at the address Kosmonavtov Highway, 59 with an area of 40.2 thousand sq. m. The first stage is the adaptation of the existing building of the Karusel shopping center with a total area of 16.8 thousand sq. m for a modern convention and exhibition center. The next stage is the construction of the second stage of the Convention and Exhibition Center.

Universal Sports Arena

The new sports complex will be designed for the capacity of 10.5 thousand seats and will be able to host competitions of national and international level in various sports, as well as cultural and business events. In addition, the arena will create additional opportunities for mass sports activities of the residents of the region.

Development of the shipbuilding industry of the Perm Region 

LLC Perm Shipyard was created to restore the shipbuilding industry, develop the river transport infrastructure of the Perm Region, as well as increase the volume of inland waterway transport in the Kama region. The company is engaged in shipbuilding and ship repair. 

Student interuniversity campus

The world-class campus will unite students from 22 Perm universities, including 7 beneficiary universities of the project. The campus will be designed for 5 thousand students and teachers. This will create a unique environment on campus for the experience exchange between different fields of knowledge. 
24 A Gazety "Zvezda" st.
Perm, Russia

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